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let's go to steve. sal, a little increase in some of that coastal fog. after that temperatures very close to yesterday's readings. still watch out for thick fog. 50s and 60s. coming up next on mornings on 2 the man hunt finally appears to be over. the breaking news in the christopher dorner case. developing news we've been following since 4:30. gun batting between -- gun battle between police and the suspect. ! ♪ ♪ hot mess hot mess hot mess ♪ ♪ you're a hot kind of love you set me on fire ♪ ♪ you spice up my night feed my every desire ♪ jack's one hit wonder is now a burger. the hot mess is loaded with spicy jalapeños, onion rings and gooey pepper jack cheese. ♪ you're a - a hot mess and that's how i met your mom. ♪ hot mess
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one of the largest manhunts in u.s. history has come to an end. the breaking news in the christopher dorner case that we received just minutes ago. >> reporter: we're live in pittsburg where a police officer has been shot. we'll tell you who did it and why the investigation is still ongoing. a frightening discovery outside of a south bay home that brought out the bomb squad. how it's all tied to a threat on an elected official. >> reporter: in a couple of hours, barry bonds will be in court trying to get his obstruction of justice conviction overturned. we'll look at the arguments being made by both sides. "mornings on 2" starts now.
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well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm tori campbell. it's wednesday, february 13th. we begin with developing news from contra costa. a police officer and a suspect have been wounded in a late- night gun battle in pittsburg. ktvu's tara moriarty joins us live from the scene where pittsburg police are releasing new information about the suspect. good morning, tara. >> reporter: good morning, the officer was back at the police station this morning filling out paperwork. so a very happy ending to this story. it could have turned out much differently. if you take a look behind me, you can see now that the sun is coming up there's a lot better look at the scene and you can see some clothing on the ground. police are keeping everything intact as they begin to sift through all of the evidence here. let's take a look at our video from last night. we're at san fe and maple
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streets araround 11:30 gunfire erupted. police say two officers approached the suspect who was hanging out in front of a house. the suspect started running and then fired his gun at officers striking one of them, a five- year veteran of the force. officers returned fire and struck the suspect who is expected to survive. police here in pittsburg are thinking of their own right now. >> it's a very tragic situation. i'm sure there's a lot of emotions that go through all of these men and women of our police department and other departments, we are glad that he's okay. he has been treated and released from the hospital. >> reporter: now, the suspect is a 30-year-old oakley man with an extensive criminal record for drug and weapons charges. right now investigators have secured the crime scene, they are combing through this area again being very methodical as they always are in officer- involved shootings. the officers are on paid leave. we're gonna try to talk to
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neighbors this morning to try to find out what they heard and saw. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. developing news in that investigation into accused killer christopher dorner. as we told you about 20 minutes ago, the associated press reports that an official said a wallet was found in the rubble of the burned-out cabin in big bear. inside that wallet was the california driver's license belonging to christopher dorner. ktvu's brian flores live in our newsroom with more on this story and also reaction from the woman who owns that cabin. >> reporter: the officials that revealed that information did so on condition of annimty because of -- anonymity because of the ongoing investigation. we know there was a charred body inside the cabin that caught on fire in big bear. however, officials say it could take weeks to positively poss -- to identify the body.
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investigators went to dorner's mother in orange county. investigators went there to do a search before and left with ten paper bags of items but didn't say what was in them. moments before the cabin caught on fire, there was an intense gun battle between dorner and law enforcement officers. [ sound of gunfire ] >> reporter: before that, dorner also tied up two maids that were inside cleaning a cabin that dorner broke into. dorner then took off in their purple nissan. he later crashed that car and carjacked another person woking at a nearby boy scout camp. he ran into the cabin where he exchanged gunfire with officers. we're hearing from the owner of the cabin for the first time. take a listen. >> that cabin has been used for many things. it was a post office at one point and to see it all go up
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smoke, it's -- up in smoke, it's very sad for me. it's a place for my family and i went up numerous times. it's a beautiful place to rest. >> reporter: dorner also reportedly opened fire on fish and wildlife wardens and later at san bernardino deputy sheriff deputies. one officer was killed. another wounded. investigators surrounded dornern in the cabin. they heard one gunshot before the cabin burst into flames. we're expecting a news conference in less than an hour. we'll have the latest information coming up then. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the crime technicians will spend the next couple of days examining the evidence inside that burned out cabin. coming up at 7:30, we'll get a live report from big bear like. while the manhunt may be over, the police investigation into christopher dorner continues. it's far from over. police in brentwood say they are looking for thieves
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who took guns and jewelry from several homes including homes that belonged to police officers. police say the thieves appear to be after guns, electronics and jewelry. they did not disclose how many homes have been burglarized. weapons and personal belongings were taken from the homes. no one was home during the peculiar -- during the burglary. let's bring sal back. >> it's a typical drive time, the live drive time traffic, 22 minutes if you are at the end of the line. unless you're in the carpool lane, the traffic continues well. if you are driving in san francisco, northbound 101 looks good. steve mentioned the patchy fog, it will be thick in parts of the bay area. i got a tweet from someone says it's very thick in so lawn nope county, vacaville, fairfield, people are saying it's very
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thick. southbound 880 traffic is busy as you drive from hayward down to fremont. they cleared the accident on jackson near santa clara in hayward. a 25-minute time from 238 to mowry avenue. 7:07. let's go to steve. all right. on cue, a lot of that fog has been forming. there was not much a little while ago. but a sign of high pressure is building in aloft. but there's some areas where the visibility has been reduced. especially out to the north bay and the car keen news carquinez strait -- carquinez straight. so right in line, 59 to 64 is the spread on most of the highs here. 45, 56. we'll about 60. mostly cloudy in the morning and then mostly sunny by this afternoon. we could sure use some rain. it's official. everybody is under 100% of the season. in the immediate bay area,
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santa rosa is now 99% of normal. san francisco 90 and san jose, 86. we were doing so well until january came and february is not looking much better. there's really not any screaming message that says rain, rain, rain. not a lot. warmer this week as high pressure builds in. our system continues to march across the country. it's snowing cincinnati. down towards memphis and then rain in the deep south and then heading into the carolinas and even parts of jacksonville. we could pick up .25. they pick up a wide variety of weather. 30s for temperatures or 40s. temperatures will hold now that the fog has formed. high pressure says i will make it nice and warm a little later. but a lot of morning fog and then plenty of sunshine. 50s, 60s. st. helena, clearlake, ukiah, 67 to 68. 63 walnut creek, 63 alameda and berkeley. a little bit more of a summertime pattern even though it's a very small scale.
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temperatures will beer warmer inland -- will be warmer inland. tomorrow looks warmer. we'll carry that into friday. >> thank you, steve. barry bonds is due back in a san francisco courtroom in just two hours. baseball's home run king will ask a federal appeals court to throw out his felony conviction for obstruction of justice. ktvu's claudine wong is looking at the court documents tied to this morning's court hearing. >> reporter: good morning. yes, the hearing will take place here this morning at 9:00. it's not supposed to last very lock. this is the next step in what's been a long journey. it centers around 2003 grand jury testimony. here to help us sort through what we can expect today is william keen, a former federal prosecutor who represented one of the defendants in the balco investigation. tell me what we can expect to happen. >> about a half-hour of argument. what's on appeal is the one count that mr. bonds is convicted on.
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the jury deadlocked on three perjury counts. he was charged with lies to the grand jury. there was no verdict on it. he was convicted on obstruction based on an invasive -- evasive rambling answer about whether his trainer injected him with performance-enhancing drugs. >> reporter: how likely do you think that bonds will get this overturned? >> el with, it's difficult to -- well, it's difficult to get a criminal conviction overturned, especially ara jury verdict. it was before a very well low pressured judge judge -- a very bell-respected judge. we have a rambling evasive answer that was probably literally true to questions that bonds answered about a page later in the transcript. >> reporter: talking about greg anderson, specifically, he was bonds' trainer.
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did he inject you with somebody? how critical is greg anderson to this entire thing? >> well, there's no question that the government was severely handicapped, likely by not having anderson at trial. he was held in contempt armed spent fight -- contempt and he spent quite a bit of time in jail. they were not able to prove the false statements. so they went to the obstruction charge based on evasive, not necessarily untrue statements. >> reporter: how long will we get an answer? how long before bonds knows. >> probably six months. hard to say. it will be measured in months rather than weeks. >> reporter: william keen, thank you for joining us. taking us through what we can expect today. not a very long hearing. ten-year journey getting us here but months until we'll get an answer. live here in san francisco, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. an east bay mischief that
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topped 100 miles an -- police chief that topped 100 miles an hour. what prompted the chase and the suspicious item police found on the driver. together we've cleared the stay the crisis. we can say with renewed confidence that the state of our union is stronger. >> reaction from a local congress member to the state of the union address coming up in a live report from washington, d.c.
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a lot more fog. some of that could be thick for driving purposes. if you want to wait it out. highs will be in the high 50s, low to mid-60s. we're following overnight news from the east bay. police are investigating a high- speed chase that ended in a crash early this morning. it started in antioch and ended in pittsburg.
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police say three people were in a stolen car going more than 100 miles an hour when it crashed at the harper street offramp. those three people suffered minor injuries. the 32-year-old female driver is now behind bars. >> the suspect has a history. i don't have the full criminal in front of me. but she has a history of auto theft and she had warrants for her arrest. i'm not sure what those warrants are right now. >> police say the woman was wearing a lead. the antioch police chief admits he's frustrated by the staffing level of his department. there are currently 88 sworn police officers on the force. that's the same level as 18 years ago when antioch was a much smaller city. crime is up almost 25% in the last year. the chief says it would cost $3.5 million to increase the force to 126. city council members hinted they could ask voters for a tax to increase police services. 7:15. many bay area lawmakers say
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they support president obama's economic plan, the one he laid out in his state of the union address. as kyla campbell reports from our washington, d.c. newsroom, they believe sustainable jobs could be on the way. kyla? >> reporter: california congressman eric smallwell says president obama's ideas are solid. president obama says there are areas that require investment to grow the economy. they include manufacturing and infrastructure. the president believes those sectors could lead to long-term johns nationwide. he also believes it's time to invest more in clean energy which he says could reduce our country's reliance on foreign oil, cut costs and sustain jobs. >> i saw those investments being in clean energy where we can create new clean energy made in american jobs but also in ways we can prepare our children and those going to college for the jobs that will be available for tomorrow. >> reporter: now, some republicans wonder if this type
7:19 am
of plan will call for a stimulus. that's something they've rejected and said does not work. while bay area lawmakers say this is the only way to grow the economy when i see you next. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:17. florida senator, marco rubio delivered the republican response to the president's state of the union address. >> our free enterprise economy is the source of our middle- class prosperity. but president obama he believes it's the cause of our problems, that the economic downturn happened because our government didn't tax enough, spend enough or control enough. >> rubio delivered a response to the president's speech in spanish. he's considered a rising star in the republican party and is frequently mentioned as a possible candidate for president in 2016. >> false choices like the ones that president obama laid out tonight the choices -- >> that part of his response
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when he reaches over and takes a sip of water. is a hot topic on water. people are commenting on the awkward, he had to make to reach the bottle and he appeared in nervous. he joined in with a tweet of his own, a photo of an empty bottle. ross mirkarimi is planning a valentine's day dance against domestic violence. the sheriff's department will oversee a flash mob dance at county jails. mirkarimi pleaded guilty to a domestic violence-related charge last year. he was reportedly not invited to join other city leaders in opposing domestic violence at city hall tomorrow. 7:18. the long-running battle between casino matrix and the city of san jose is headed back to court. the casino is suing. they say the city created bureaucratic road blocks that
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delayed the opening by four months and that they gave preferential treatment to a rival response. so far no public response to city hall. those two sides battled over permits even before the casino opened. tomorrow afternoon an alameda county board will hear a proposal to buy an unmanned drone. the sheriff wants a drone to fly over dangerous situations like hazardous spills, natural disasters and police standoffs. however, organizations like the aclu, they are worried that the drone might be used to invade people's privacy. and that four-pound drone would cost about $32,000. the marin county sheriff's department may soon be getting that, an armored vehicle. they want to buy a steel-plated bearkat like the one you see in the photo. it's also capable of detecting gases and radiation. yesterday, the board of supervisors set aside almost
7:22 am
$400,000 in homeland security and other funding to buy that vehicle. it is 7:19. an italian magazine is reportedly publishing controversial new photos of the duchess of cambridge they show pictures of a pregnant duchess while vacationing in she's reportedly four months along. the same paper published topless photos of her. >> you are keeping an eye on that. >> yes. >> protect their privacy. >> yes. 7:20. well, look outside our window. it's a cloudy, foggy morning around the bay area. you can barely see some of those buildings in the live picture. but steve paulson says we're in for a pleasant surprise later on today. thousands of gallons of chlorinated water leaking into a peninsula creek. the impact on local marine life. >> and this morning we're looking at some of the
7:23 am
commutes, have they improved after that rough start? we'll let you know.
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there's now a new round in the legal battle over the sharp park golf course. the golf course is owned by the city of san francisco even though it's located in pacifica. a judge recently threw out a lawsuit filed by environmentists who wanted to shut down the golf course to protect the frogs and snakes on the property. now the law firm of morrison and forrester says it will defend the city of san francisco for free as environmentists seek more than a million dollars in legal fees. 7:23. investigators are trying to figure out why a water pipe burst causing chlorinated water to flow into the san mateo creek killing hundreds of fish. now, the leak was found last saturday near crystal springs reservoir which supplies drinking water to the bay area. officials say the small amount
7:26 am
of chlorine is safe for humans but fish were killed, including the steelehead. >> it's sad. >> >> workers have added chemicals to try to neutralize the chlorine and adding water from the reservoir to try to dilute the chlorine. we want to check in with sal. >> 237, we're gonna start there with westbound traffic moving along a little bit slowly as you cross 880. there are no major problems. the fog is a little thick. it's kind of hazy and foggy in others. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. 25-minute delay before you make it onto the bridge. livermore valley most of the slow traffic is on the altamont pass but not as bad as it could
7:27 am
be. if you are driving on the nimitz freeway, we had some earlier problems there. southbound 880 is backed up for about a 20-minute run between 228 and mowry avenue. a lot of fog out there. tracy up in rohnert park said foggy, very foggy, chilly. a nice tweet from bubba up in petaluma, the tortoise, saying very foggy. be careful. there's thick fog. temperatures in the 30s. if you don't have any fog, temperatures, 30s, 40s. the satellite picture shows some of it, not all of it normal highs for this time of year. 59 to 64. the average high in san francisco is 60. they were that yesterday and they will be that again today. but starting off mostly cloudy. a lot of that low cloud. david checked in. it feels chillier. there is more of an onshore breeze which is what we had two days ago. today, though, there will be a lot of sun after the fog. so some of that fog, about
7:28 am
9:00ing 10:00, most of it should be gone. 50s and 60s. we'll take a look at the extended weather which will kick in tomorrow. 7:25. the manhunt for christopher dorner may be over. the investigation into the accused killer, very active. we'll get a live report from big bear lake. what investigators just found inside the burned-out cabin. >> reporter: we're live in santa clara where the chp has been guarding a house here where they found bomb-making material. they had to detonate it. a growing homeless camp is creating growing concerns in one bay area neighborhood. ktvu's pam cook will explain. mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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7:29. theman hunt for california's most-wanted fugitive is apparently over. police believe the charred remains found in a big bear cabin are that of christopher dorner. the associated press reported that investigators found a wallet with his driver's license in the rubble. bob decastro is live in big bear where forensic teams will be combing through that cabin for the next few days. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, tori. with that burned out cabin, it's still very much a crime scene. it's still sealed off.
7:32 am
here's the roadblock about five minutes from the scene. the big question, are those remains that of belonging to the multiple murder suspect, christopher dorner. the a.p. does report there was a wallet found in the basement in that burned out cabin and in that wallet, there was a driver's license belonging to christopher dorner. of course, until an official autopsy is completed, that could be days, even weeks before that is done, there will be no official confirmation as to the identity of that body. now, this all went down yesterday around 12:20 when a stolen vehicle was discovered by fish and wildlife wardens. there was a chase here. there was a wild shootout between fish and game wardens and the suspect. the suspect went into the woods. he barricaded himself inside a cabin here. there was another shootout. two sheriff deputies was shot.
7:33 am
one was killed. another was shot. he's expected to survive. still in the hospital. a ter gas grenade, then launched inside that cabin and that cabin erupted in flames. it burned for several hours and no one ever walked outside or came outside. so they do believe at this point that christopher dorner parished inside the cabin. still waiting for official confirmation from that autopsy. we can tell you as of late last night and even this morning, they were saying it was too hot to go inside the cabin to comb through all of the rubble. obviously, they've had an opportunity to go inside. as you saider other the next coming days, perhaps the next coming weeks, that particular cabin will be a crime scene as they look for evidence. as we wait for the official confirmation from the autopsy and those forensic tests, dna and dental records will confirm whether or not that was, in
7:34 am
fact, the body of christopher dorner. we'll send it back to you. >> all right, bob decastro live in big bear. thank you. one of the people believed to be killed by dorner will be laid to rest this morning. 34-year-old officer michael cain was shot and killed -- michael crain was shot and killed last thursday. thousands are expected to attend the funeral including jerry brown. stay with ktvu and for continuing coverage including a press conference scheduled for 8:00 this morning. "mornings on 2" will carry that live. 7:32. investigators now giving us new details about the explosives found at a home in the south bay. ktvu's janine de la vega live outside the house right near santa clara high school where the bomb squad was searched for clues connected to a threat made against a state official. janine? >> reporter: in the next 30 minutes, chp officers will be going into this house and doing a sweep to find any more evidence or explosives.
7:35 am
they actually had to detonate a bomb last night and bomb-making materials. that's why you see all of these sandbags on the front lawn because they had to cover it when all of those explosives went off. this house sticks out like a sore thumb on this street. you can see all of the security cameras and antennas. we counted six or seven on the house. that leads a lot of people in this neighborhood to think what was this man really trying to protect. now, chp officers tell us they had been baching the -- watching man who lives in this home. they've identified him as 45- year-old everette basham. officers arrested him in sunnyvale yesterday at one of his relative's home for making a threat against a public official. we don't know when the threat was made who it was specifically against. but it was serious enough for the chp to get a search warrant for his home. officers found bomb-making material inside. the bomb squad and s.w.a.t. team were called in and they dug a hole in the front yard and buried that material and
7:36 am
covered it with sandbags. here's what chp officers told us about the threat that was made and the investigation. >> from what i understand, yeah, it was -- threats were made on a official. and the chp has the responsibility to deal with this if officials receive threats. >> reporter: and they are looking at the numerous surveillance cameras throughout his home and the radio and microwave and antennas. this neighborhood is near kylie boulevard and el camino real. it's a well-kept neighborhood, a lot of well-kept lawns. you will hear more coming up on "mornings on 2." back out here live, you are getting a picture of maybe what was in his backyard. you can see that tank there. we're unsure what that was used for. but officers tell me a little while ago when they did enter the home, you know, it did seem like it was really cluttered.
7:37 am
there was a lot of things they had to go through, they will be spending several hours here again when their search goes underway back into the house in about a half-hour. reporting live in santa clara, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:35. a man suspected of trying to blow up a bank in oakland last week, he's due in federal court today. investigators say 28-year-old mathew aaron lanasia of san jose planned to set off a car bomb in front of the bank of america on hegenberger road. they say an undercover fbi agent posing as a taliban sympathizer helped him build the bomb that was a fake. authorities claim the suspect wanted to carry out a terrorist threat. but civil rights groups are claiming he's mentally ill and not capable of that kind of plot on his own. the white house is unveiling details of president obama's plan to deal with the growing threat of cyber attacks. during his state of the union address, the president said the power grids, financial
7:38 am
institutions and air traffic control systems, they are all targets. he signed an executive order calling for new standards to protect computer systems that run crucial infrastructure. that order directs intelligence agencies to share classified threat information with companies. 7:36. in overnight news, more than 100 workers were evacuated in san lorenzo last night because of an ammonia leak. it happened around 10:00 at a building ownedded and operated by -- owned and operated by sara lee on grant avenue and worer thisly drive -- wortherly drive. the hazmat situation lasted about three hours and firefighters say no one was hurt. highway patrol officers are investigating reports of shots fired at a car on a freeway in dublin. video shows at least three bullet holes on the rear passenger door of an suv. the driver told authorities that someone opened fire while
7:39 am
he was exiting westbound 580 and highway 84 around 10:00 last night. he pulled over into a shopping center at dublin one person was taken to the hospital. but we don't know the extent of their injuries. 7:37. new this morning, pope benedict xvi made his first public appearance since announcing he's resigning as head of the catholic church. [ cheers ] >> now, the pope received a standing ovation as he entered a packed capitol celebrate ash wednesday at the vatican. he told the congregation he's stepping down for the good of the church. he cited his frail health. ash wednesday marks the beginning of lent. the catholic church plans to have a new hope in place by easter, the end of lent. well, back here at home, san francisco is selling the naming rights to port
7:40 am
properties. it's a fund-raising pitch to help pay for the yacht race. they may be able to sponsor some of the san francisco port properties in order to cover their costs. the city, by the way, is on the hook for as much as $32 million. 7:38. the bay bridge toll authority could approve funding today for a big celebration for the opening of the new eastern span of the new bay bridge. the plan calls for a one-way bridge walk on labor day weekend. there's also talk of a half marathon, fireworks and even a concert. the party would cost $5.5 million. the toll authority will also consider a $31 million security system for the new bridge today. 7:38. let's go back to sal. sal, you didn't tell me there would be fog out there. >> well, steve did. i'm kind of hopping on steve's bandwagon. we're on at 4:30, steve was saying, it's gonna be foggy. i'm like, you are right. but he was right. let's take a look at the
7:41 am
commute now. i didn't say, yeah, right. feels good to say it on tv. this is a look at the fog in oakland. this morning, when we looked at it, it was absolutely clear. now we're having trouble seeing the freeway here. so be careful with the patchy fog. steve was absolutely right. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see it clearly. it's a 25-minute delay. no problems on the upper deck of the bay bridge. we have a problem on the benicia bridge. i want to bring this up here. southbound 680 at the north end of the bridge traffic is really slow on 680 from lake herman road to the benicia bridge in contra costa county. if that's your commute, give yourself extra time. let's move the matches farther down, look at the nimitz freeway 238 down to mowry avenue and then across the bay, southbound 101 slow as you drive on the peninsula. let's go to steve. at 4:30, there was not much fog, correct? >> no, there wasn't. >> and now we have low fog.
7:42 am
a sign of high pressure is beginning to build in. yesterday was a low cloud deck. it's right down on the deck for many. this is the satellite picture that kind of shows it -- this satellite picture kind of shows it. we have a lot to get to. let's get to it. today, patchy fog, some of that thick. sunny, nice. tomorrow, mostly clear, the nothing will burn off clearer. the ridge of high pressure will expand and give us our warmest day on friday. you may not notice it on saturday but sunday. forecast highs this time of year should be between 59 and 64. that's exactly where we will be today. forecasted high temperature for san francisco, 60. they are 60 yesterday. they were 60 and the normal time this time of year, 60. rainfall has gone below 100% for everybody in the immediate bay area. santa rosa was the last outpost, 100%.
7:43 am
now they are 90. where we were are -- we're now in the second month of dry weather. that's not good. everything as far as cloud cover goes up and over. we have a lot of fog, though, a little bit more of an onshore breeze. that will burn off. the sun will be out. hey day skies. 40s for many near the coast or bay. but there's a lot of 30s inland. the wind direction that's been offshore lately is blow onshore. sfo, westerly breeze. santa rosa, westerly breeze and even fairfield has turned a little bit onshore. that's not been the case. they've had a north and east wind. the mountain high pressure says not to fear i will be back to give you warmer weather. today, sunny, mild. there is a lot of morning fog. it will burn off. 50s and 60s. if you are far enough away, fog doesn't matter. but it's a little bit of a minor summer pattern. but tomorrow, we all get in on
7:44 am
a warmer party here. we'll carry that into friday. saturday will be fine. tori? >> thank you. a new homeless camp is growing in san jose. ktvu's pam cook is here to tell us why the location of this one may be dangerous. pam? >> yeah. this one is right near the san jose mineta airport and hp a civilian. it's getting -- pavilion and it's getting bigger and more visible each day. we want to show you what we took this morning. tarps have been set up like tents around the area. this is along the guadalupeive arer. one man told the radio this morning that this camp is growing because earlier winter rains flooded the homeless out of the riverbanks camps and raids by the city have pushed people away from other homeless camps and into this field. >> now, people working andive willing nearby say they are getting concerned, though, about crime. we do have a ktvu news photographer out there at the camp this morning and the businesses around there. we'll try to hear from some of those business owners for our
7:45 am
next hour of "mornings on 2." tori? >> thank you, pam. avoiding billions in taxes. the legal ways some are doing this in the silicon valley.
7:46 am
7:47 am
stocks are mixed today after strong u.s. earns and general electric sales of its remaining stake in nbc universal. consumers did not do much spending in restaurants and
7:48 am
shops after their taxes were cut. taking a live look at the big board, the dow is down 20. dipping just below the 14,000 mark. >> the nasdaq is up 16 and the s&p up 3. right now, president obama is on his way to asheville, north carolina. he's kicking off a three-day tour to rally support for the economic proposals he unveiled in his state of the union address. >> nothing i'm proposing tonight should increase our deficit by a single dime. it is not a bigger government we need. but a smarter government that sets priorities and invests in broad-based growth. >> jamie dupree joins us via skype from washington, d.c. jamie, i'm curious what kind of reviews are the president getting this morning. >> reporter: it broke down mainly along party lines. the first one of these speeches i did was ronald reagan back in 1987. it's pretty obvious how there's a boilerplate reaction. if you are in the minority, not
7:49 am
in charge of the white house, you shrug your shoulders and say it doesn't meet your expectations. that's what we saw last night. i think the one thing i never would have predicted to be in the speech was the increase in minimum wage the president talked about at $9 at the federal level. the states have different minimum wages. but that was sort of out of left field. certainly the president in the opening sound bite you just placed talking about how his plans would not raise the deficit one single dime. a lot of republicans joking but somewhat serious saying maybe just raise it a couple trillion dimes. a lot of gop lawmakers, they sense the answer is, higher taxes to some things. >> the discussion of gun control. there was a pretty emotional appeal on that issue the president made. let's listen to that sound bite and get your reaction. >> gabrielle giffords deserves
7:50 am
a vote. [ cheers ] >> the families of newtown, connecticut, deserve a vote. [ cheers ] >> the families of aurora deserve a vote. [ cheers ] >> the families of oak creek and tucson and those affected by gun violence, they tee serve a single vote. [ -- deserve a single vote. [ cheers ] >> is that gonna change anything, do you hink -- think. >> he was not saying you have to approve my legislation. he was saying you have to give it a vote. i think the white house and the democrats, they probably behind the scenes decided that if they can just ask for that vote, they can create a little momentum. let's be frank about this. at this point in time, there's not enough votes in the senate to approve an assault weapons ban. the issue of the background checks, that's up in the air as
7:51 am
is the issue of limits on the size of ammunition magazines. i think what the white house strategy is, if they can get it to the floor of the senate, then they open to put a little heat on lawmakers who might be wavering and undecided. opponents of gun control after the speech simply saying the president's remarks didn't make a difference but it's obvious he's gonna carry this fight over the heads of lawmakers into the people. >> final question, about the republican response. marco rubio giving the response. do you think anyone was able to hear the message after that awkward moment where he reached to get a bottle of water? >> reporter: when you do tv, you probably don't want to take a swig of water on the air. i guess i've learned over the air, it was funny because i saw rubio about two hours before doing a dry run. he looked completely relaxed but at the moment, that took away from it. still, the message was there
7:52 am
for republicans. democrats simply are in favor of big government and they are addicted to taxes, is when you basically boil it down. in the end, it may be one of those things we may not remember for very long. and rubio laughing it off. >> you can find a link to jamie's blog on our website. just go to pull down the news men knew bar and go to our -- menu bar and go to our politics page. the cruise ship that became stranded in the gulf of mexico is now being towed to mobile, alabama. the carnival triumph should be docking by tomorrow afternoon. cruise line will pay the cost to fly the 4,000 passengers back to houston. the carnival says until then, the top priority, keeping everybody safe and comfortable. but some passengers are sending text messages to relatives that say carnival cruise line does not seem to be able to do that. >> "stuck in the middle of the
7:53 am
ocean, no service, no food." >> she said it was starting to get rough. there was some smells because they were having to use bags and stuff trough go to the bath -- stuff to go to the bathroom. >> a cruise ship got stranded in 2010 after an engine fire. some think cashny val should have more safety inspections to prevent similar incidents in the future. the airlines that put the dreamliner planes into future, they are forced to return to much older planes to fill gaps in their scheduling. there had been 50 boeing 787 dreamliners in service all over the world. now that they are grounded, poland's airline is returning to 30-year-old 767 jets it planned to retire. others are considering renewing leases from airbus, their rival. well, san jose state is gonna home to a new and very
7:54 am
unusual program. it's called battery university. designed to teach all about the details of energy storage. only 50 students will be accepted. there will be just one overview course to begin. it will cover everything from technical concepts to financial and policy issues. now, if this is successful, it could be developed into a full certificate program through san jose state's professional division. 7:52. a new report says some of the bay area's biggest high tech companies have avoided paying taxes by using overseas tax shelters. the an alley sis by the center for investigative -- analysis by the center for investigative reporting says google, ebay are able to reduce taxes by sheltering their assets overseas. the u.s. tax code allows companies to reduce their tax burden by accumulating assets overseas. the analysis found that instead of paying the top u.s.
7:55 am
corporate of 35%, many silicon valley companies pay rates below 15%. tonight, mark zuckerberg will host a fund-raiser for chris christie. they met when the facebook founder donated $100 million to new jersey schools. dozens of californians plan to protest outside tonight's protester outside his home. they are upset that ristie cut moneys from the women's health programs. and gavin newsom is talking about reinventing government in his new book titled "citizenville." coming up at 7:53, how he says technology can play a key role and how he will run for president one day. a college student shot in the head during a vicious attack at a bus stop. how she went several hours without realizing how that attack could have killed her. plus -- a first at the westminster dog show. the breed that was named best in show for the first time.
7:56 am
7:57 am
7:58 am
welcome back. a uc santa cruz student shot in the head at a bus stop expected to fully recover. the 21-year-old woman told police she was attacked at that bus stop near natural bridges state beach monday night. police say a man with a rifle told her to empty her pockets. then shot her in the head. she thought she had been hit only with the butt of the gun. doctors at the dominican hospital, found the bullet, they removed it. it only pierced part of her skull. here is a sketch of the suspect, light-skinned 5'7", with a medium build, wearing jeans a gray sweatshirt and had a red bannan da over his face -- bandana over his face. he had a gruff voice. she saw a white chrysler pt cruiser circling the area before she was attacked, the
7:59 am
woman said. that suspect is wanted for armed robbery and attempted murder and is still on the loose. the canine community has a new top dog. >> best in show winner with 137th show, the affenpinscher. >> banana joe took home top owners. the 5-year-old lives in pennsylvania with his handler. but he's originally from the netherlands. apparently he speaks five languages. joe is the first of his proceed to win best in show. a dog from the bay area got a big apardon. max, a standard schnauzer won best of breed at the kennel dog show. this was the last show for max. the dog is on his way back to the bay area where it plans to retire. that dog doesn't speak or understand five different languages like the dog from the netherlands. big story this morning. the manhunt for accused
8:00 am
murderer christopher dorner, ended in a dramatic twist. but the police investigation is far from over. we will take you live to los angeles to police headquarters. a news conference will be starting in just minutes. >> reporter: we're live in pittsburg where a police officer has been shot. we'll tell you how he's doing and what we have just learned about the crime scene. >> reporter: we're on barry bonds' watch at this hour, waiting for the former giants' slugger to arrive at this san francisco courthouse as he tries to get his conviction on obstruction of justice overturned. we'll tell you what both sides are arguing when "mornings on 2" comes back.
8:01 am
8:02 am
welcome back. i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. the week-long manhunt for christopher dorner is over. the investigation still very active. this morning los angeles police are holding a news conference. they are at parker center at police headquarters. we're watching it live and there's a spokesman there. let's listen in. >> in any kind of celebration, this really is not a celebration. it's been a very trying time for over the last couple of weeks for all of those involved and all of those families, friends and everybody that's been touched by this dorner incident. so again, i just would like to
8:03 am
express our deepest sympathy from our department and our hearts and prayers go out to those family and friends to those deputies injured and the deputy that was killed yesterday. with that, let meet just give you some brief -- bring you up to date. the investigation into the dorner incidents and the homicides related to christopher dorner continue. and that will continue until the investigators have completed everything they need to do related to that. the task force is still in place. and they will work until there's nothing left to be done. there's still quite a bit of work to be done on this. what transpired in san bernardino is being investigated by the san bernardino county sheriff's department. and so i have no comments on their investigation at this time. i can tell you that the
8:04 am
l.a.p.d. has now moved back into a normal state of police operation. that begun late last night and will continue now as far as normal patrol operations. the protective details, some of those are still in place and those will remain in place until the department and those protectees feel safe. as you know, until that investigation in san bernardino is concluded and we have any type of positive identification on what transpired up there, we still have some individuals in this department who are still in great fear. when your life -- when the lives of your family are placed in jeopardy and threatened with death, that's quite something to deal with. we have approximately a dozen or so of those protected details will replain in place at this point.
8:05 am
all other resources have been returned to their normal functions. the city has not been on any type of tactical alert since early yesterday morning and we will remain in that state tis until further. so at this time, that's about all i have in terms of the investigation. if there are some questions related to the dorner investigation that i'm able to answer -- again, i'm not able to comment on anything related to san bernardino. [the question is inaudible] >> bell, again, we have -- well, again, we have homicide investigations. you know, the fact that the incident transpired yesterday and, you know, we won't won't speculate at this time whether that is christopher dorner or not, but even if it was to be christopher dorner, again, we have a case to close. just because arrest warrants were issued and charges were filed in riverside, there's still a case pending in irvine, the double homicide.
8:06 am
there's still much work to be done. we just don't stop an investigation because the suspected individual may no longer be available. [the question is inaudible] >> i'm -- say that again. >> how long will it take to identify the body found? >> yeah. again, that will depend on the condition of the body that's recovered. it will depend on the forensics available in the laboratories, i will not make any assumptions right now. but again, those types of identifications can be expedited in these types of circumstances. i'm sure everything will be done to do that. [the question is inaudible] >> right now, this is a san bernardino case. the incident that occurred up there, involving the shooting and the body that was discovered will be up --
8:07 am
announced by the san bernardino county sheriffs. [the question is inaudible] >> that will be determined by the city attorneys that are involved. the issuance of a reward is for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of an individual. this is sort of an unusual circumstance. certainly, there was information that was provided that was very beneficial yesterday and that will be examined and evaluated by the people who deal with the rewards. the los angeles police department does not issue rewards. so we're not in the reward business. those are outside entities that issue those rewards in an effort to support the investigation. >> beyond the emotional -- >> we've been listening live to a news conference by the los angeles police department, the very latest on the christopher dorner case. among other things, the investigation continues.
8:08 am
it's not over. it's far from over, including an open-ended homicide investigation, a task force still in place, they will be in place for the time being. the l.a.p.d. itself is returning to a normal operation and they also say that some people who may have been targeted by christopher dorner, they are still being protected out of fear about a dozen people are still being protected. they still have not identified the remains inside that burned cabin up there in big bear. this is still a continuing investigation. make sure you stay right here with ktvu and, of course, for all of the latest information on the christopher dorner investigation. now, ktvu's brian flores is monitoring that news conference. he's in our newsroom right now. and brian, there's more on this situation that you will bring on this. now, we're also following developing news coming from contra costa county. a police officer and a suspect were wounded in a late-night
8:09 am
gun battle in pittsburg. ktvu's tara moriarty, you've been on this since 4:30 this morning. you just received some brand- new information at the crime scene. >> reporter: we've just learned there were more than ten bullet casings found at the scene here. we understand that the officer has been treated and released from the hospital. he's doing very well. police have picked up all of the evidence, including a blooddy jacket. they have placed it in a bag. they should be wrapping up momentumly. momentarily. a suspect ran and shot a five- year veteran of the force. the officers returned fire and struck the suspect expected to survive. police in pittsburg are thinking of their own right now. our officers did an outstanding job today. they come to work knowing they
8:10 am
can face the situation like this. they acted upon the threat and did what they were trained to do. we're glad that they are both okay. >> reporter: the suspect is a 30-year-old from oakley. he has an extensive criminal record for drug and weapons charges. the wounded officer has been placed on administrative leave for the next few days as has the other officer involved who has been with the department for seven years. we did speak to a couple of neighbors. they said nothing like this has never happened. they are used to seeing the kids out here playing ball and they were worried about what transpired here last night. live from pittsburg, i'm tam, ktvu channel 2 ktvu channel 2 news -- i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, tara. let's check in with sal who has been telling us about foggy conditions. >> yeah. it's very thick in solano county, for example.
8:11 am
let's take a look at the traffic here. very slow on 280 northbound. a little hazy but not a lot of fog there. not looking very good as you drive through. as a matter of fact, 101 might be a slightly better option as i look here at the chp. i don't see a lot of -- i don't see any incidents that might make for a slow commute here except a lot of cars on the road. taking a look at the peninsula, southbound 101 as you drive through burlingame in san mateo a lot of slow traffic. southbound 101 hillsdale on the shoulder. there is a collision there on the offramp. there will -- traffic will be slow. as we tilt up to the benicia bridge. 680 below that as you drive from concord to walnut creek, very slow from about treat all the way into the town of alamo. 8:09. this is a look at the toll plaza. we've seen some improvement. 8:09. let's go to steve. >> a lot more way in low clouds
8:12 am
and fog. there's a distinct onshore breeze. a westerly breeze. i've seen it from the sunset district. golden gate bridge, all the way out to the delta. it's turned westerly or onshore. that's allowed the low cloud deck to come marching in. we're seeing a good surge. it's also a sign that high pressure is building in. it's kind of squashing it. i think we'll jump up a good 5, 7 degrees. after the fog burns off, the temperatures won't be too bad. today, after the fog burn off, the temperatures won't be too bad. [laughter] >> i can tell a weather joke. there we go. the fog -- the satellite doesn't show it well enough. it's still cold. some areas, 30s. if you are stuck in the fog and you have the 30s, it's cold. fairfield 32, santa rosa, 32. 38 redwood city. really cool temperatures around san jose even at 39 degrees. near the coast, it's more 40s. with that westerly breeze, it
8:13 am
feels chilly. high pressure is flexing. it's gonna move in this a big way. today we have to deal with the fog. temperatures very slows close to what we saw. upper 50s slow 60s unless you are vell well, well inland. that means sunny and mild conditions. there's too much fog. by tomorrow, it will change. and we'll see warmer temperatures. top it out on friday. still looks nice on friday. a little cooler on sunday. all right. 8:11. still ahead -- president obama tells congress get on board. >> right here right now, keep the people of the government open and pay our bills on time and always uphold the full faith and credit of the united states of america. the big investment the president wants to make to create new jobs. a compute exclusive. lieutenant-governor gavin newsom and how he answered a question about whether he will
8:14 am
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barry bonds is due back in a san francisco courtroom. baseball's home run king will be asking a federal appeals court to throw out his felony conviction for obstruction of justice. ktvu's claudine wong is there in san francisco looking at the court documents tied to this morning's hearing. claudine? >> reporter: we've been poring over those documents in preparation for today's hearing. we're also on barry bonds' watch. we do expect him to drive up, pop out of the car and go
8:17 am
straight into the courthouse. you can see cameras there. we've seen a couple of the attorneys involved in the case arrive and go straight on in. we'll let you know if he comes here in the next couple of minutes. this is set for 9:00 this morning. it's not supposed to last very long. barry bonds hoping to convince this three-judge panel here that he did not obstruct justice back in 2003 when he tested before a grand jury during an investigation into balco and the distribution of performance-enhancing drugs to athletes like bonds. >> what happens in an appellate argument is the court grants a certain amount of time to each side. mr. bonds' lawyers will go first. they will have 15 minutes. and they will reserve some time for rebuttal, the lawyers will get up for 15 minutes. >> reporter: among some of the questions, greg anderson, his attorney, specifically statements and the question of
8:18 am
whether he was evasive when the government asked did greg ever give you anything that required a syringe to interject yourself with. bonds answered i've only had one doctor touch me. that was my personal doctor. i was a celebrity child, i became a famous child by my father. he never answers questions about the syringe. but his attorneys argue that he does later and the prosecution, they disagree. he tries no to the answer the question. bonds wanted to sell a little lie when he said he was just using flaxseed oil to distract from using steroids for years. this hearing starts at:00 this morning -- at 9:00 this morning. we do not expect a decision
8:19 am
today. the former federal prosecutor we spoke to said the time to get the ruling will be measured in months, not days. he is estimating about six months. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. in his state of the union address, president obama called on congress to take action, get americans back to work. the president wants to invest in areas that will create new jobs. kyla? >> reporter: several bay area congressmen tell me they agree with the president that it's time to use government money to invest in job creation. president obama talked about four main investments he planned to make including in manufacturing, energy and education. he says infrastructure is the big one. president obama believes democrats and republicans can get behind this idea. that by investing in infrastructure, they will create long-term jobs and economic benefits. he wants a national infrastructure plan within
8:20 am
eight months. some california lawmakers believe this could create jobs and improve the state unemployment rate of 9.8%. >> the president is focused on a forward agenda instead of somehow cutting our way to prose perty. >> that's an investment. when you invest, you get a return. you can't expect a gain without investing in anything. >> reporter: many republicans say they will not get on board with any sort of stimulus package. some gop leaders say it wouldn't work. live in washington, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 8:18. california lieutenant-governor gavin newsom is hitting the road to promote his newly- released book "citizenville." mike mibach caught up with newsom at his san francisco office where he has a small desk among startups. newsom moved there so he said
8:21 am
he could connect to the world around him. he talks about dramatically reimagining government which he says is stuck in the past. he argues that technology is the key to transforming government and sparking citizen engagement. >> it's as profound as a printing press what's happening in this. it's that profound. we have to adapt to this new reality. >> as he travels the nation on his book tour, former mayor willie brown says newsom could be testing political waters. he's never dipped into those waters before. we asked him if he would ever run for president. he said it's never crossed his mind but he does have an interest in running for governor again. we posted more of our exclusive interview of gavin newsom at look for the hot topics section on the front page. 8:19. a huge california bike race will come here to the bay area
8:22 am
for its grand finale. where the final stages of the amgen tour will be and the parties being planned around them. we're expecting warm temperatures after this morning's clouds and fog here. steve paulson will tell us what to expect tomorrow which is valentine's day. good morning. northbound 280 traffic does look pretty good. until you get up to the 17 interchanges, we'll tell you more -- interchange, we'll tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
the largest pro cycling stage race, the yam again tour of california, will change direction this year. it will start in southern california and end in the bay area. stage 6 is a time trial in san jose that's set for may 17th. stage 7 runs from livermore to the top of mt. diablo. the final stage is san francisco to santa rosa. now, it's a great business opportunity for the owner of pegasis bicycle works in danville. he says his crew has long dreamed about having a pro tour finish at the top of mt. diablo. >> we're planning on putting on a block party here. we'll have a band, stage, food, everything going on post tour. >> rodriquez says he's working with the town of danville. the race is set to begin in escondido on may 12th. 8:23. in san francisco, improvements are coming soon to muni's n-
8:26 am
judah line. the san francisco municipal transportation agency will spend about $6 million to upgrade that will include more travel prediction signs and also painting a transit-only lane to keep cars from blocking those trains. traffic signals will be changed to give trains priority. all of those upgrades should be completed by june of 2014. time to check your traffic and sal says there's fog out there. >> yes, there is. >> a lot of fog. it moved in rather quickly. we went on the air at 4:30 there was not a lot of it. now you can see it's pretty foggy in oakland and you also can see some traffic there. the visibility may not be great. the fog has moved into san francisco earlier we were able to show you 101 but we can't. it's pretty thick out there. we used our tools at our disposal. let's take a look at the bay bridge. it's improving. it's a 15-minute delay. maybe more like 10 as traffic time is getting less and less. contra costa county, concord to
8:27 am
walnut creek, some slow traffic there on 680. it's improving a little bit. westbound 24 is moderate. let's go to steve. we do have a lot of fog out there. not only on the coast but also well inland even all the way up to parts of lake county, got some reports from chloe up towards lakeport, kelseyville and lucerne. there is a lot around here. distinct onshore breeze or a westerly breeze has really ushered in some of that fog. for the last few days, there was a little bit of breeze. that turned. fairfield is now west. i've seen a west at the carquinez strait. it's all in place. if you are in the fog, it's cold. 30s for many. san jose -- san jose. high pressure says what i will give you the fog but after that, it will burn off and be sunny. 50s and 60s today. tomorrow, any fog will get
8:28 am
wiped out. upper 60s to near 70. it will be a nice day for valentine's day. even warmer on friday, still warmer own the weekend, just a little cooler. 8:26. a homeless camp, it's growinger. san jose's hp a civil up. we'll tell you where it is, what's going on out there and when the city plans to move it out. although he's probably dead, los angeles police say families remain traumatized by christopher dorner. what l.a.p.d. just announced during a news conference minutes ago. [ male announcer ] tender sirloin and a succulent lobster tail... for an incredible $16.99. share the love this valentine's, with sizzler's steak & lobster.
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back. 8:28. a bomb squad will go back to a
8:31 am
south bay house where homemade explosives were found overnight. ktvu's janine de la vega has been there at humboldt avenue and morago street since 4:30 this morning. janine, you're giving us a first look at the suspect and also what neighbors are saying. >> reporter: that's right. we're still waiting for the bomb squad to arrive. they say they won't be here until about 10:00 a.m. in the last 30 minutes you can see crews brought in about 100 more sandbags. they've been loading them onto the property just in case the chp finds more explosive materials inside the home. you can see here on the front lawn, they had to bury some explosive material they found and they covered it with sandbags to detonate it. that's what they had to do last night at this home near kylie boulevard and el camino real. let's go to some video of the chp detonating the explosive material last night in front yard of this home. the bomb -- the bomb -- a bomb
8:32 am
squad found numerous hazardous materials and bomb making material inside the home. the man who lives here is 45- year-old everette basham. here is a booking photo. he was arrested yesterday in sunnyvale at one of his relative's home for making a threat to an elected state official. the chp out of sacramento has been investigating basham ever since and they served a search warrant on his home yesterday. that's where they found all of those bomb making chemicals. they evacuated some of the neighborhood and told people to shelter in place while they detonated the explosives, neighbors are in shock at what was found. >> my family has lived here since 1949. it's kind of crazy that somebody would harbor that find of ill feelings towards someone else but that's the world, i guess. >> reporter: basham has numerous surveillance cameras and ray yoand microwave antennas on his house. it's unclear why.
8:33 am
now, basham was booked for threatening public officials, criminal threats and forric nighting or attempting to ignite an explosive device with the intent to commit murder and for unlawfully carrying a concealed firearm. back out here live, there's a lot of undercover officers waiting around me. we can't show their faces on camera. they are waiting for the bomb squad to arrive to do a sweep of the house and they did take this threat again very seriously. right now, the chp will not tell us how long they have been watching basham here at his home. they also will not tell us who is elected state official is that he was making the threat against. we'll have more on this coming up at noon and later newscasts on channel 2. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, janine. just a half-hour ago, we care ridded live the news
8:34 am
conference from the los angeles police department on their investigation into suspected gunman and former l.a. officer christopher dorner. investigators are now waiting for dna tests to confirm that the body found inside a big bear cabin yesterday is that of the former l.a. cop. brian flores is live in the newsroom with how some officers are still in fear for their lives. brian? >> yeah, tori. a lieutenant with the l.a.p.d. says while the department is returning back to normal, about 12 officers who were given extra protection during the search for dorner will remain protected until they feel safe. no new details were given by positively identifying dorner. but the shooting will be handled by the san bernardino sheriff's department. officers say this has not only affected them but their families also. >> until that investigation is continue concluded and -- concluded and we have any type of positive investigation, we
8:35 am
still have individuals in this department who are still in great fear. when your life and the lives of your family are placed in jeopardy and threatened with death, that's quite something to deal with. >> meantime, we have new video coming into the newsroom. investigators last night going to the home of dorner's mother- in-law palma in northern orange county. investigators went there last night to gather evidence. during one search, they left with ten paper bags of items. but they didn't say what was inside those moments. moments before the cabin caught on fire, there was an intense gun battle between dorner and law enforcement. take a listen. [ sound of gunfire ] >> dorner also tied up two maids inside cleaning a cabin that doper broke into. he took off in a -- don'tern broke into. he took off in a nissan. he carjacked another car of a man running a boy scout camp. we're hearing from the owner of
8:36 am
the cabin for the first time as well. >> that cabin has been used for many things. it was a post office at one point and to see all of that go up in smoke, it's very sad for me. but also for personal reasons, it's a place where my family and i went up numerous times. it's a beautiful place to rest. >> dorner also reportedly opened fire at fish and wildlife wardens and later at san francisco county sheriff deputies. one officer was killed and another was -- another was wounded. sources say dorner's driver's license was found near the body. we'll have more at noon. live in the newsroom, i'm brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. happening now -- los angeles police are preparing to bid farewell to one of their own. it's believed that 34-year- oldive arerside officer michael crain was killed by dorner last
8:37 am
thursday. this is a live picture of the precession route happening right now in los angeles. thousands of police officers from across the country will attend the funeral and governor jerry brown will also be there. you can see some motorcycles at the beginning of the precession. it looks like in a long line of cars also behind them. crain believes behind a wife and two young children. it's 8:35. b.a.r.t.'s board is considering a series of fare increases that would start next year. b.a.r.t.'s staff says the transit agency needs to hike ticket prices to keep the agency on financial track. so it is proposing fare hikes every two years from now until 2020. the amount of the increase would be tied to inflation. the proposed increase for next year is 5.2%. >> the economy is bad right now. people don't have that kind of money. i don't have that kind of money. >> commuters going between daly city and the powell street
8:38 am
station would pay an extra $75 a year if the first proposed ta
8:39 am
let's go out and take a look at weather we have. i want to go -- a look at what we have. i want to go to the maps. southbound 680, thick fog and very heavy traffic because of an accident midspan. in concord, i put a little indicator on the map there on oak grove road at minor road, there is an overturned truck near ignacio valley park. an overturned truck in a really busy area, people use it to get around the freeway. it's not a good alternate this morning. let's go to some pictures. you want to show you the bay bridge has improved. it's foggy but not know enough to be affecting traffic getting into san francisco. if you are driving on 280 in
8:40 am
san jose, it's slow. we've seen improve here as well. 8:37. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. >> you are welcome. a lot more fog as sal touched on. there wasn't too much around 5:00. it really picked up around 7:00, 8:00. numerous reports. thick fog, cold temperatures. coastal fog is there for mosts. it's not solid or sold out. but there is a fog bank out there. still 30s, some temperatures cold. visibility, rohnert park, novato been tough, even out to napa. a westerly breeze from the golden gate out to the delta. that's not something we've seen. it's been offshore. that turned around today and that allowed some of the fog to move in. it will burn off fast. there's nothing up above. it's high pressure. it looks really quiet. now, today, very close to yesterday's readings, that fog is shallow. that's a sign that high pressure is building in and
8:41 am
squashing in. 50s and 60s on the temperatures. a little tiny summer pattern with the warmer temperatures away from the coast. tomorrow looks warmer. upper 60s to near 70. we'll top out on friday. the high pressure builds in and backs off on sunday. that will be a little cooler. 8:39. a homeless camp in san jose is growing and is not far from the airport. pam cook is here in the studio now with some emotional comments from one person, pam, who would rather not call that carm home. >> we have new video taken within the last hour of this camp. it's in an industrial area of san jose. it's near the san jose mineta airport as well and hp pavilion. tarps have been scattered and set up like tents like the guadalupe river. there are reports that some of the businesses nearby are concerned about the camp and the possibility of burglaries and other crime. now, none of the businesses in the area were opened at this time. we couldn't talk to them.
8:42 am
but we just talked to one man who says they don't want to be living out there. they just have fallen on hard times. many don't have family and friends to turn to and that the city is not helping them either. >> there's a lot of open buildings around that they can open up and get us off the street. moving to another spot ain't gonna get rid of the problem. >> he says the city handed out bags and told them they have a month to pack up and move again. they were along the river but chased away because of the rains and the flooding. we talked to try -- we tried to talk to the park and rec desert d. they said they don't really -- rec department. they said they don't really have an answer at this time. tori? thank you. an east bay police chase topping 100 miles an hour. the suspicious item police
8:43 am
found on the driver early this morning. >> reporter: we're live in pittsburg where a police officer is shot while chasing a suspect. we'll tell you how he is doing and information we've learned about the suspect. when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no!
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americans barely spent more last month at retail businesses and restaurants after higher taxes cut their paychecks. the small increase asuggests consumer spending could be weak which could hold back economic growth. the dow is currently down 60. the nasdaq, though, is up 3. and s&p down 1. 8:44. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories we're following for you right now -- new developments in the investigation into murder suspect christopher dorner. los angeles police say the investigation is far from over. tactical operations are back to normal in los angeles. also, tra security is still being -- extra security is still being provided for officers that dorner was reportedly targeting. investigators think they found the charred remains of christopher dorner inside a cabin in big bear. near the body was a wallet with dorner's california driver's license. in the meantime, there's this -- a funeral for -- this is the
8:47 am
funeral brigade right there precession -- it's moving through the streets. it's for one of the police officers allegedly killed by christopher dorner. that funeral will start in about 90 minutes. barry bonds is due in court in just a couple of minutes. he'll be asking a federal judge to throw out his obstruction of justice conviction. and an east bay police officer and a suspect were wounded in a late-night gun battle that happened in pittsburg. ktvu's tara moriarty has been on this story since 4:30 this moring. she's back with new information from the crime scene. tara? >> reporter: that's right. police and sheriff deputies are getting ready to wrap up their investigation here. they have been painstakingly methodical as is typical with officer-involved shootings. you can see some of the vehicles still parked here. they've been putting the evidence in bags. we've discovered there were at least ten shell casings -- casings on the ground.
8:48 am
the officer has been treated and released from the hospital. we're at santa fe and main streets. at 11:30 last night, gunfire erupted. police say two officers approached the suspect hanging out in front of the house. when he saw them, he ran off, turned, fired his gun, hit an officer. the officer shot at him. struck him. he's expected to survive. he has an extextive criminal record and a couple of outstanding warrants. investigators have spent more than nine hours sifting through the evidence. we've got an extensive crime scene. one of the things we're looking at is how many shots were fired. we have evidence over there. it's an active crime scene in the sense there's a lot of evidence there and we're gonna take our time to make sure every item is collected. the wounded officer is a five-year veteran with the force and is on paid leave for the next few days. as is the other officer involved who has been with the
8:49 am
department for seven years. if we learn the identity of the suspect, we'll pass it along to you. from here, pretty much the contra costa county district attorney's office will take over. we're live in pittsburg, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:47. later today, a man suspected of trying to blow up a bank in oakland last week is due in federal court. investigators say 28-year-old mathew aaron lenasia of san jose planned to set off a car bomb in front of the bank of america on hegenberger road. they say an undercover fbi agent posing as a taliban sympathizer helped him build the bomb which was a fake. the authorities claim he wanted carry out a terrorist threat. but civil rights groups claim he's mentally ill and not capable of that type of plot on his own. the man accused of killing a 13-year-old girl from suisun city will be arraigned in court today. police arrested 32-year-old anthony lamar jones of fairfield on friday. they say he raped and killed
8:50 am
janelle conway allen. her bod day was found in a fairfield park on february 1st. police are not saying how jones came in contact with the girl but they do say he acted alone. 8:48. we're following overnight news from the east bay. police are investigating a high- speed chase that ended in a crash early this morning. it started in antioch and ended in pittsburg. police say three people were in a stolen car, going more than 100 miles an hour when it crashed at the harper street offramp. those three people suffered minor injuries. the 32-year-old female driver is now behind bars. >> the suspect has a history. i don't have the full criminal history in front of me but she has a history of auto theft and had warrants for her arrest. i'm not sure what the warrants are right now. police say the woman was wearing a wig leading police to think she may have been trying to disguise her identity. >> the antioch police chief admits he's frustrated by the staffing level of his department.
8:51 am
there are currently 88 sworn police officers on the force. that's the same level as 18 years ago when antioch was a smaller city. crime is up almost 25% in the last year. the chief says it would cost $3.5 million to increase the force to 126. city council members hinted they could ask voters for a tax to increase police services. 8:49. san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi is planning a valentine's day day dance against domestic violence. the san francisco chronicle reports the sheriff will oversee a flash mob dance at county jails as part of the 1 billion rising campaign against domestic violence. the last year, the sheriff pleaded guilty to a domestic violence-related charge. he was reportedly not invited to join other city leaders in opposing domestic violence at city hall tomorrow. well, the long running battle between casino matrix and the city of san jose it's headed back to court.
8:52 am
casino matrix is suing, claiming the city illegally created bureaucratic road blocks that de -- roadblocks that delayed the opening last month. they also claim the city gave special treatment to a rival casino. so far there's been no public response from san francisco city hall. the two sides battled over permits even before the casino opened. tomorrow afternoon an alameda county board will hear a proposal to buy an unmanned drone. the sheriff wants a drone to fly over dangerous situations including hazardous spills and national disasters and standoffs but groups such as the aclu are concerned the drone might be used for surveillance and invade people's privacy. the four-pound machine would cost about $32,000. the marin county sheriff's department may soon be getting an armored vehicle. it wants to buy a steel-plated bearcat like this one. the vehicle could withstand blasts, and is capable of
8:53 am
detecting gas and radiation. yesterday, the board of supervisors allocated almost $400,000 in homeland security and other funds to buy the vehicle. 8:50. police in fremont searching for two men who used hammers to attack a woman in her driveway. it happened monday morning on green hills way. the victim told police she was getting in her car when the machine approached. shoo said they hit her in the face and the back of the head with a mallette. police say they didn't still anything. the motive is not clear. the woman is expected to recover. investigators hope new photos will lead to an arrest. the contra costa county sheriff's office released these pictures you are looking at now. the first one shows a man robbing a shell gas station on san pablo dam roaded on january 30th. about 8:00 p.m. just 15 minutes later, authorities robbed a jack in the box restaurant also on san
8:54 am
pablo dam road. still not clear if it's the same suspect. nine minutes before 9:00. crestmoore elementary school in san bruno is facing the possibility of closure, once again. tonight, the school district's superintendent is expected to recommend closing crestmoore by june 30th. if approved, affected students would be moved to rollingwood elementary. the district is looking to cut costs after a parcel tax mesh failed. they say closing the school would save $200,000 a year. 8:52. there's been a rash of burglaries, what the police in brentwood say the thieves seemed to be after. >> good morning. golden gate bridge. we'll check this out for you and have another look at the bay area commute when we come back.
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
police in richmond were forced to shoot and kill two violent pit bulldogses on monterey avenue yesterday afternoon. berkeley police officers went to a home in richmond to serve a search warrant when they were attacked. the police shot and killed the dogs. one police officer was treated for several dog bites buts with not seriously hurt. police in brentwood targeted several thieves targeted homes including the homes of police officers. police say the thieves appear
8:58 am
to be going after guns, electronics and jewelry. they didn't say how many homes were burglarized. no one was home in any of those crimes. new this morning, pope benedict xvi made his first public appearance since announcing he will resignance the leader of the catholic church. [ cheers ] >> he received a standing ovation at the vatican as he entered a packed chapel to celebrate ash wednesday. he told the condition greggation that he's stepping down for the good of the church citing his frail health. ash wednesday marks the beginning of lent. the new church plans to have a new pope in place by easter which falls on march 31st this year. let's get everybody where they need to go. how is the golden gate bridge, sal? >> it's actually a little foggy that. i'm gad you asked that -- glad you asked that. the fog is low on the deck. it's been low on the deck and some of the commutes. but the traffic still looks gooded a as you drive down to the toll plaza. also this morning at the bay
8:59 am
bridge toll plaza, it's about a five to ten-minute delay and has improved quite a bit. a lot of fog on the benicia bridge. that bridge has been terrible if you are driving in from solano county. you can put it on the maps. if you are on 780 or 680 heading south, the commute is not you your friend. if you driving on the san mateo or the dumbarton bridge, we have moderate conditions there. >> let's go to steve. a lot more in the way of fog and westerly breeze helped push things further inland. once it burns off sunny. temperatures will be nice. and then warmer weather kicks in. the weekend is still nice, a little cooler. >> i like your logo there on thursday. >> for all of those love birds. >> very nice. >> all right, steve. that's our report for this morning. we thank you for trusting the news of we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> be sure to watch the news at noon. we'll have the latest news by and toll try to sell more purrs. we're always here at ktvu

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